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VAUBAN Ecole et Lycée Français de Luxembourg
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Secondaire : Histoire et géographie

Description du poste :

The French school « Lycée Vauban – Lycée Français » in Luxembourg www.vauban.lu is seeking to appoint an experienced and passionate History and/or Geography teacher to join its British International Section which is part of the Modern Foreign Languages Department. The successful candidate will also be asked to teach English as a Foreign Language.
Please send your application to recrutement@vauban.lu.

- Even though your History and Geography classes are taught in English, your lessons will have to comply with the French National Curriculum. You will be working in pairs with a French colleague and will teach according to English standards. Pupils range from Key Stage 3 (aged 12) to Key Stage 5 (aged 18) and are studying in order to take the French Baccalaureate.
- You will also be expected to teach English as a Foreign Language in any Key Stage within the Modern Languages department.

Profil du (de la) candidat(e) :

Applicants should preferably be
- Qualified teachers with a Master’s Degree in History from an English-speaking country and/or Geography and/or English and/or French as a Foreign Language.

- Experienced in teaching Humanities using an anglo-saxon pedagogical approach in terms of methodology.

- Keen on teamwork with a good sense of adaptability.

- Eager to join the Foreign Languages Department and ready to show full commitment.

- Some knowledge of the French Educational School System is not a must but definitely a plus.

Conditions matérielles de recrutement :

Transports gratuits MPASS
Réduction des frais de scolarité de 50%
Convention collective

Pièces à joindre au dossier :

CV ou I-Prof
Lettre de motivation
Rapports d'inspection

Prise de fonction le 02/09/2019
Date de fin de l'offre 31/03/2019
Poste vacant (PV)
Contrat local - Temps complet